who we are _1

Toorak is a privately held fact based consultancy firm based in London UK led by high caliber professionals.

Our hub and bespoke model combines highly experienced consultants with a global community of trusted  partners.

Our approach is the integrated understanding of the “infoverse” and strategic insights space. For this reason we work collaboratively with our clients  to scale up to every challenge for strategic foresight and decision making.

Our core values:
Simplicity, Speed, Agility, Clarity and Creativity.

We have a talented team of insightful individuals in every market who help us get close to the people and texture of each market, brands and society. The use of new technologies, platforms and behavioural economics is our backbone due to the digital transformation of the world and the change in the consumer reach.

Our specialists are local qualitative partners, quantitative and analytics specialists, digital partners, videographers and editors, semioticians, behavioural economists  and more.